Forex Multicurrency Card

Forex Multicurrency Card-1

Forex Multicurrency Card

Now the market current culture changing as per the economy and most of payment solution adopting digitalization and online gateway or using plastic money. In the same scenario we are emphasizing / advising to same to our customers.

Prepaid multicurrency cards mapped though VISA server and it is similar to credit and debit cards, but having certain additional advantages like fully insured by services provider. You can use multicurrency prepaid cards at all worldwide ATM to withdraw cash and at most businesses throughout the world. You can load these cards with the desired amount of foreign currency at a fixed rate. This is highly recommended to all customers to carrying large amount of Foreign Exchange . This also very helpful and useful especially for students who going abroad for study.

Some of the key benefits of prepaid travel cards are as following:

  • Most recommended and safest form of carrying currency nowadays. Prepaid travel cards are pin protected, have configurable spending limits and are fully replaceable incase stolen or lost.
  • Travel cards (VISA or MasterCard) are accepted at most foreign establishments (hotels, stores all POS etc.) without any charge.
  • Ability to withdraw cash from ATMs abroad for a small charge usually between US $1.5 to $2.
  • Free Insurance Cover – Multicurrency card fully protected with any miss happening in case any.