Buying and Selling of more than 39 currencies:

Services   & Features: 

Sanah Forex Services makes things easy. Convert your rupees into any leading currency of the world including Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Yen, Dirhams and you’re all set to begin your travels.

Best Forex Rates: Buy and sell any currency at the most competitive exchange rate of the day. 

Doorstep Delivery: With Sanah Forex service, you can even buy forex and get currencies delivered to your doorstep, at your convenience. 

Book Forex in Advance: With Sanah Forex Online Foreign Exchange service you can book foreign exchange in advance of your travel, whenever you get the best rate.


Documents required for money exchange in India

1. Indian Passport

2. Valid Visa

3. Confirmed Air Ticket (showing travel within 60 days)

4. PAN Card

5. Aadhar Card

6. Government issued photo id proof (voters id, driving licence etc.)

                      Forex Card                      

Multicurrency Forex Card:

Card Features: 

Prepaid Forex Travel Card: For your travel abroad, you can opt Travel Card as an alternative to foreign exchange in cash. It offers you the safety and security you need when on the move. An embedded microchip, gives you the highest level of security. As well as the highest level of peace of mind.

Multi-Currency cards: If you are a frequent traveller you can experience absolute convenience with a Sanah Forex Currency forex card. Available with 9 currencies, it enables Cash Withdrawal from Over 2 Million / Master Card VISA powered ATMs. The card is Chip & PIN protected.

Instant Card Loading & Reloading facility: If you often need to make foreign trips or if you need to extend your foreign stay, you will frequently need foreign exchange. With Sanah Forex Services you can load and reload your Forex Travel Card as and when you need to.

Online Access:  You can access the card online and view the transactions details.

Email & SMS Facility:  SMS / Email alerts will send to customer once transaction done in card. 

Unspent Balance: Use you card balance in next trip or Withdraw while returning the balance else card can be refund at our end.

Rate Fluctuation:  Once card is loaded / activated in advance then Card amount will not change after having hugged market volatile / fluctuations.

Single Currency Card: TCIL card can load in single currency and use it in different multiple countries, the cross-currency charges will not be applicable and it will be as per live rate.

Documents required for avail the Forex Card

1. Indian Passport

2. Valid Visa

3. Confirmed Air Ticket (showing travel within 60 days)

4. PAN Card

5. Application Form